I think the biggest difference is the reason why I do it now. It used to be for attention, yes I used to want the spotlight, but now I just wish that everyone will overlook it. Overlook the bandages, the scars. It’s just my way of coping.

It’s never a nice feeling to be forgotten by somebody that you will never forget. You will never stop wishing to be remembered because at least then, you know you made an impact. But I guess 6, or was it 7, weeks was too short a duration. You should know better, if a year can disappear in 3 months - what lest 7 weeks.

sitting here, all alone. state of shock? nope I’m past that point. so why is it that i am shaking, why am i slightly confused. i think this is what they mean by surreal? everything feels so surreal, i cannot believe that everything has come to an end, that roller coaster ride which seemed never-ending has actually finally come to an end. i wish you all the best, i wish that you will be happy. someone like you deserves to be happy. your past does not define you, don’t let the mistake of one girl ruin what your life could be. maybe we just met at the wrong time, and maybe we will cross paths again, hopefully when the both of us are ready and in a better state of mind. 

I want to cry but nothing’s coming out. I know i’m not okay and i know that this might just be temporary numbness and that it will only hit me 5 days later. If only i had sent that text earlier, if only i had sent it to a different platform, maybe things would have been different.