no one told you to feel guilty no one told you that you had to deal with this bullshit. what is this bullshit even. i fuck up once you give me hell, you fuck me over many times and when i am unhappy, you play the ‘you should have left’ card. if you really want me to leave, fine. i will leave. 

good job mel. you are one stupid fucker. you had everything back in order AND YOU FUCK IT UP BY BREAKING promises that 1) you shouldn’t have had 2) it didn’t even benefit you in any way???? and now you have to deal with these consequences. you are now blocked on every single media platform and you have to deal with this yourself now. you are a fucking loser and you are going to be all alone now. 

You hate yourself for being a fuck up, I hate myself for being one too. Things are fine and I choose to let my mind screw things. But the only difference is that while you can blame yourself, me blaming myself will also result in your blaming yourself. ‘I remind you of something you can’t have’. I never thought that i would hurt again, I thought that those feelings had already been buried underground. But I guess when you’re having a shitty night, everything just comes back up and it comes back to haunt me. Every single detail. Just a painful that I can’t expect anything, that it’s best to bury everything. Just keep in under lock and key, and kept deep underground. And I guess the easiest way for now, just shut the hell up next time.

Never allow yourself to like me, so are you saying that you never did and you never will? WOW GOOD JOB you have become the one person you never wanted to be, a fucking player. So much for not getting emotionally attached.

Knn I did everything you told me to and then now you tell me that?! What the bloody fuck is wrong w you. I am trying to be so goddamn accommodating and nice and you’re still pushing me away. FUCK YOU