the moment you delve into the specifics, of what makes 2 people work, you realise that what you have with is just superficial. pure physical attraction. undoubtedly, she is incredibly attractive, with ink along the sides of her waist and please, have you seen that body of hers. cute face, yes. she’s 5 years older but still, cute. small talk? yeah sure, anyone can do that. but the moment you try to get deeper, you realise that some things don’t click…forced, you can say. so at the end of the day, you can conclude that this ‘friendship’ (if you can even call it that because the last time i checked, friends don’t kiss or hold hands) is just benefitting both parties who aren’t looking for anything serious at the moment because things just don’t feel perfect. 

i. you remember everything and she remembers nothing

ii. you look out for her in school but you’re oblivious to her

iii. empty promises

iv. one-sided asking game

v. just to pass time

"A garden of pretty roses but with a fence too high".

What is it that you want out of this, equal treatment? equal recognition? 

and slowly you realise that maybe, this doesn’t mean what you want it to mean. you are so desperate to forget her, that you are willing to settle for anything else that bears a little resemblance of what you had with her.